Our Mission


Are you guilty of using your sewing machine and not cleaning it up?
It has been found that only one in three people who use a sewing machine actually clear the lint and clean the machine before they box it up. The rest of them only clear their project or sewing things and put them away. While we understand that household or other economic duties may take precedence over the cleaning bit, it is something that must also be given a lot of importance. Cleaning the machine after ever y project is under taken improves the life of the machine immensely.

Do you have a maintenance contract covering your little asset?

Let’s face the fact, buying a new machine every time there is a technical snag that could have been avoided if you were prudent enough to maintain it is definitely a costly affair. One cannot go on buying a newer machine every time it goes off within a few years. And that is why we would strongly recommend ourselves for the annual maintenance of your machine.

The right pool of talent:

We have the right people who will look after your machine really well. It helps that they are passionate about it themselves and are technically very sound in their knowledge of handling them and cleaning them.


We have a comprehensive plan in place for you:

Our mission is to be able to serve the community of sewers who are contributing to the economy by making wonderful hand sewn products and projects.

We are mostly in servicing of machines at institutions where they make hand sewn products for sale.

Our technicians have sound knowledge of every kind of machine and are trained to look after and service even the computer enabled high end embroidery sewing machines.

Contact us:

You can contact us on the numbers given hereunder to be able to book a service appointment and our technician will be happy to call you back and confirm the booking.

We also sell maintenance gear for the machine like oil can and lint removal kits for machines. You may log on to our website to check out the new products and services.